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BriAnna Rosen of Killjoy Collective.

An interview with artist and founding member of Killjoy Collective, highlighting their art space which has been showcasing artists who identify as women in Southeast Portland since 2016. 


When did Killjoy Collective start and what's the inspiration behind it?

Killjoy Collective started in late 2016 and was founded by a group of artists from the MFA in Visual Studies Class of 2016 at PNCA. After going through the rigorous program, it was decided (after many discussions between the artists, mentors, and visiting art professionals) to form a collective after realizing the six of us shared a similar vision of advancing women, women-identifying, LGBTQ+ artists in the art world.



March 23, 2018 | By WW Staff


Willamette Weekend: Performance Art About Russian Propaganda, Trevor Noah and 9 Other Things to Do and See in Portland, March 23-25

A Melon Baby's Falsetto Sounds Better in the Bathroom
Amy Chiao's art installation and performance piece is partially about Vitas, a real-life Russian popera singer who has a large, rabid following in China. Vitas covers Russian and Chinese Communist anthems, and his songs are frequently covered by Chinese musicians. His falsetto can reach otherworldly heights—to Americans, he's best known for a viral video in which he wears futuristic Lycra and warbles his high-pitched voice like a turkey call. In Chiao's show, Vitas also inspires the production of weaponized watermelon babies.


March 21, 2017 | By

Shannon Gormley


A New Performance Art Piece Examines Propaganda Through a Russian Pop Star and Toilets

“I’ve always hated people calling my work ‘weird.' Oftentimes, the word is used because someone doesn’t want to understand what it is.”

In Killjoy Collective's basement gallery, artist Amy Chiao demonstrates the sound produced by plunging a watermelon.

"It makes like a kissing sound. You can also pick it up," says Chiao as she uses a plunger to lift a watermelon out of the toilet that will hold the fruit in her new show, A Melon Baby's Falsetto Sounds Better in the Bathroom.