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Shannon Gormley


Can you handle me?
Killjoy Collective's group show will include everything from performance art, to sculptures, to paintings and illustrations. That includes Panteha Abareshi's vibrant illustrations of women looking bored as they maim themselves. Loose and brightly colored, the gory portraits are so placidly disturbing, it's hard to look away: a woman letting blood gush from giant holes in her hands into a cup of wine, another who's just removed her tooth with a pair of pliers, all while wearing unaffected expressions. If nothing else, they're beautifully expressionist—it's hard not to react to a drawing of a woman jabbing a knife through her tongue.

July 19, 2017 | By Megan Burbank

Fischli and Weiss Meets Clarissa Explains It All

Please Enjoy Killjoy Collective’s Cheeky Resistance

For months, I’d been meaning to pay Killjoy Collective a visit. When I finally arrived at the gallery space at Southeast 10th and Sandy last Sunday, I was greeted at the door by collective member BriAnna Rosen and a Shiba Inu mix puppy she’d adopted just the day before. Rosen, clad in floral Birkenstocks, led the way into the small, subterranean gallery where the puppy cozied up to me immediately and the artist talked about her collective, started by a group of PNCA MFA grads as a space for women and women-identified artists. On their website, the group describes their mission this way: “Killjoy Collective celebrates all women, women of color, women of all ages, women of all shapes and sizes, women with visible and invisible disabilities, immigrant women, indigenous women, queer women, trans women, and all those who refuse to be put in a box.” The aim, says Rosen, is to offset the art world’s gender problem. “Male and male-identified artists just get shown more,” she says.

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Killjoy Collective

Why Portland Needs All-Women Art Spaces

This article originally appeared on Creators.

As part of 50 States of Art, Creators is inviting artists to contribute first person accounts of what it is like to live and create in their communities. Killjoy Collective is a group of multidisciplinary artists running a feminist alternative gallery space in Southeast Portland.

Killjoy Collective in Portland, OR is a feminist alternative gallery space giving a platform to women and women-identifying artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.