can you handle me?

Opening // December 9, 2017

can you handle me? new works by Panteha Abareshi, Hailee G. Evans, Tyler Mackie, Katie Piatt, and Caitlin Rooney. Exhibition on view through January 9, 2018. Curated by Maggie-Rose Condit.

can you handle me?

works celebrating women’s bodies that don’t apologize for being human -

works that are humorous, sarcastic, happily tactile, assuredly confrontational, or content to be grotesque.

… can you?

BriAnna Rosen
Safety in Numbers

Opening Performance // October 14, 2017

Killjoy Collective — in a special collaboration with curator Julia Greenway and Disjecta Contemporary Art Center — are proud to present Safety in Numbers, a performance and installation by Jono Vaughan. Installation on view until November 11, 2017.


Opening // September 16, 2017

PERCEIVE new works by Candace Jahn and Jill Falk. On view until Saturday, October 7th. Curated by Tessa Heck.

Tessa HeckKilljoy Collective
Willy Nilly

Opening // July 15, 2017

Willy Nilly new works by Kellen Chasuk and Emma Parry. On view until August 13. Curated by Anastasia Greer.


Opening // June 02, 2017

IN/EX TERIORS new works by Nikki Vene and Subin Yang. On view until Saturday, June 24th. Curated by Rachel Brown Smith.

Tessa Heck
Laugh Your Panties Off!

One Night Only Event  // May 2017

Laugh Your Panties Off, a donation drive event.

Performances by Brooks, Stephanie BucknerShannon Sales, Maggie Condit, and Katie Piatt.


Tessa Heck