Mururoa Mururoa: Big Lies

Installation + Opening  // June 30, 2018 - July 21, 2018

Kanani Miyamoto was born and raised in Hawai`i and now lives in Portland, Oregon. She is a recent graduate of the Pacific Northwest College of Art MFA in Print Media program and has shown work in Oregon, Idaho and Hawai`i. Mururoa Mururoa: Big Lies, is the start to a new dialog on the art and life of Paul Gauguin. A challenge to art institutions, art historians, and curators to recognize the true perspective of the indigenous.

BriAnna Rosen
Children of Revulsion

Performance + Installation  // May 26, 2018 - June 16, 2018

Curated by Tabitha Nikolai

Alan Page (aka [sic][redacted]), Arisa LeisuredeSolid Stateakira sakai leisure, #femmebreak - Seanna Musgrave with Erika Anderson, aka EMAGarima Thakur and Autumn KnightLaurence Myers Reese, Lysandra Frex, Rani BakerPorpentine and Rook, and Stephanie Mendoza

Opening Night Performances by Rani Baker and #femmebreak - Seanna Musgrave with Erika Anderson, aka EMA

Closing Night Performances by Laurence Myers Reese and VR by Stephanie Mendoza

BriAnna Rosen
A Melon Baby's Falsetto Sounds Better in the Bathroom

Performance + Installation  // March 23, 2018 - April 11, 2018

Vitas, a Russian Popera star's falsetto empowers a production of weaponized watermelon babies. Written, directed, and designed by Amy Chiao. Performed by Sascha Blocker, Amy Chiao, Jeff Desautels, and Emily Newton. Portrait photography by Ricardo Hiro Nagaoka.

BriAnna Rosen
Pop-Up Comedy + Open Mic Night

One Night Only Event  // February 24, 2018

Join host Katie Piatt as she leads us through an evening of laughter and absurdity with our favorite queer comedy troupe That's What She Said; Brooks, Shannon Sales, Berlyn Lee, and Katie Piatt.

Special guests include recent graduates of Deep End Theater's comedy class Case West, Ashley Padron, Annie Leverich, Whitney Jacobson, Mary Barrett, Nina Zuraspi, Theresa Carmody, and David Weed.

A Good Pink

Killjoy Collective + Friends at PCC North View Gallery // January 10, 2018 to February 10, 2018

Maggie-Rose Condit, E.M. Fuller, Tessa Heck, Caitlin Rooney, and Rachel Rosenkoetter.

As polarizing as it is promiscuous, pink occupies a liminal space of repulsion and attraction, sensuality and morbidity, luxury and kitsch. Explore, celebrate, and complicate the color pink in all of its glorious significations and contradictions.