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Children of Revulsion

  • Killjoy Collective 222 Southeast 10th Avenue #102B Portland, OR, 97214 United States (map)
Rani Baker,  Cant Go Home

Rani Baker, Cant Go Home


May 26 - June 16

Curated by Tabitha Nikolai

Opening Reception Saturday May 26 from 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Performances by Rani Baker and #femmebreak at 8:00pm

Closing Reception Saturday June 16 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Performance by Laurence Myers Reese and VR by Stephanie Mendoza

Porpentine and Rook,   Sticky Zeitgeist

Porpentine and Rook, Sticky Zeitgeist

Children of Revulsion is about living inside media when you can't go home again.

Or never could.

Or would never want to.

Or can't wait to leave.

It's about making a house from virtual trash, lashed together with scraps of code, and uploading it to your dear ones, wherever they are. Big enough for everyone, you dwell in it together, replay and reply. Every pixel a good night kiss on the forehead. Every beat a tender hand-squeeze in the dark.

Arisa Leisure,  Immitation Metal

Arisa Leisure, Immitation Metal

New/Mass/Interactive Media and Other Tender Works By

Alan Page (aka [sic][redacted])

Arisa Leisure

deSolid State

akira sakai leisure

#femmebreak - Seanna Musgrave with Erika Anderson, aka EMA

Garima Thakur and Autumn Knight

Laurence Myers Reese

Lysandra Frex

Rani Baker

Porpentine and Rook

Stephanie Mendoza


Accessibility Note — The Killjoy Collective gallery is down a flight of stairs and, unfortunately, has no elevator. The show contains many flashing lights and sounds, particularly during the opening performances.

Garima Thakur and Autumn Knight,  Pack of Wolves

Garima Thakur and Autumn Knight, Pack of Wolves

Tabitha Nikolai

Only child of a single mother, trans girl in suburban Utah, I grew up online and in games. Connected alone. Under the blur of ever-encroaching virtual horizons, I begin new bodies of work with a fictive seed--a central world-building premise that sprouts twining vignettes of video games, cosplay, and earnest rites of suburban occult. I embrace dark fantasy and digital methodologies for their capacity to mediate burdens: physical, social, and psychological. This frees me to explore techniques of dematerialized sculpture and experiential abstraction that are only possible in virtual media. In this weightless way, I can better imagine and share egalitarian futurisms that I hope we may yet inhabit. I produce the things now that would have better sustained my younger self.

Within my speculative realms, I center narrative focus on the monster, its circumstances, and its avenues of agency. This is a response to widespread negative attitudes toward transgender people. Taking a cue from feminist theorist Susan Stryker, I aim to re-code the word monster back to its Latin root, monstrum: a creature of portent--something to be heeded if not fully embraced. I want the physical things I make to feel wet with the amniotic fluid of virtual potential, and my digital creations to evoke the viscerality of flesh craft.

akira sakai leisure

akira sakai leisure