we are

A group of artists in Portland, OR.

Our collective goal is to increase visibility of women and women-identifying artists in our local community and beyond by curating shows representing a vast array of media in our artist-run space in SE Portland. 

Killjoy Collective celebrates all women, women of color, women of all ages, women of all shapes and sizes, women with visible and invisible disabilities, immigrant women, indigenous women, queer women, trans women, and all those who refuse to be put in a box. We hope to engage our community by housing a variety of events including, but not limited to artist talks, interviews, screenings, open mics, educational workshops, collaborative projects, and critiques.


Killjoy Collective WOMANIFESTO

1. Provide a platform in an alternative, artist-run space and curate works by women exploring urgent, contemporary issues.

2. Foster criticality, promote progressive language, and sponsor room for contemplation.

3. Connect audiences to artists who reveal hidden potentials, juxtapose disparate elements, destroy expectations, or surprise the senses.

4. Cultivate cooperation to stimulate supportive and creative networks in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

5. Employ strategic essentialism to dismantle toxic masculinity, highlight liminal spectrums, and diversify definitions.

6. Celebrate women!